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After ten years working in information technology in Paris, my midlife crisis began.
Caught between a passion for gastronomy and a fascination with photography, I spent a few months hesitating between studying one field or the other. In the end I opted for photography.
At the “AFOMAV”. photography school I discovered large format photography and studied with exceptionally talented teachers.

I began to work on photographic projects without abandoning my previous career.
I set myself up in a black and white photography lab and continued practicing intensely.

After a second photographic tour of Vietnam, seven years ago, a special encounter with a Spanish lady caused me to change course, from Paris to Barcelona.

Since then, my work has been focused on the fusion of my two passions: culinary photography.

I produce photographic projects for restaurants and food purveyors.

In 2009 I won first prize in the photography contest hosted by Barcelona’s Museum of Chocolate.

After attending the international “Foodphoto Festival” several times, some of my photographs were selected and published in the 2012 and 2013 edition of the annual gastronomy book “Foodprint” (Belgium).